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If expert digital photo restoration, digital photo editing, or digital photo compositing is what you're looking for, Imagination Studio is your best value. We use only the latest sophisticated digital imaging software and hardware. Laurie Thompson, our digital imaging artist, is dedicated to providing you the best possible restoration, edit, or composite possible. In addition to being an experienced PhotoShop artist she teaches PhotoShop both in the classroom and through private tutorials.

Please look over our Digital Photo Restoration, Photo Editing, and Photo Composite Gallery for sample work and price ranges. Each project is unique and prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to email us with your questions and/or send us a low resolution scan of your work for a no-obligation quotation. If you do have scanner available at your home or office, have a color copy of your work made at a local copy center. Some copy centers or photo retailers have the capability to scan your work and put it on a diskette for you. They may even be able to send an email, with attachment, for you. Of course, you can send your original via US Mail or an express service. We cannot guarantee the condition of your work upon receipt or delivery back to you and therefore assume no liability for damage as a result of shipping. We do not recommend this method. As soon as we receive your request we will provide a fast, guaranteed estimate to perform the work needed to restore or retouch your photograph or produce the desired composite. Digital photo restoration, retouching, and compositing is an art and the effort to produce the desired result cannot be properly measured in terms of time. Our quotes are based on the work required to fulfill your request and is specific for that job. Your complete satisfaction with the work you receive is our utmost concern.

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